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Updates – Work and Real Work

Well I have been neglecting this blog for some time now so I felt I should write about what I have been up to.

Instead of posting all my inspirational material here I have opened a tumblr account which I find very useful for storing a wide range of inspirational material from pictures, videos and quotes. It is also a great networking tool to get some of my personal work seen by others also. You can follow me over at

I have also been attempting to arrange shoots as I really need to keep creating new work as well as working to earn a living which also enables me to purchase more equipment to continue doing what I do. However everything is just not that easy and getting a team together at little expense turns out to be very tricky. Just really need that winning lottery ticket so I can pay everyone I work with lol. Still I am now in the process of arranging meetings and contacting model agencies to try and bridge the tricky situation where un-reliable models cancel a shoot last minute. One meeting I am hoping will be a very interesting outcome with a new up-coming magazine publication :)

I have also been submitting bites of advice to a newly established site called I can see this site doing very well in the very near future and they have already had a great start by promoting the site in colleges and universities. Anyone can submit a Guru Bite so if you yourself have anything to share, then send them an email and get involved.

In the real world of working I have had the pleasure of touring with bands such as My Chemical Romance and Thirty Seconds To Mars. As much as that sounds amazing it can be very frustrating with all the travel and lugging around of the equipment I have to set up. I have also been involved with setting up Drum & Bass/Raves and other events and I may have an exciting opportunity to learn more about the sound and video production side of it all, which I feel may also be beneficial to my personal work.

Well not much else for now but I’m sure I will have some new work to show soon.

Inspiration – Paolo Roversi : The Great Illusion


Inspiration – Denise Grünstein

karta 10 bild 1

I recently came across the portfolio of Swedish Photographer Denise Grünstein. Below are some of the images that intrigued me into looking at more of her work and feeling all the more inspired. What first drew my attention was the possible inspirations from movies such as ‘The Strangers’ and the way the images seem haunting. [...]

Experimental Snap Shots


Sometimes I just get the camera out and randomly experiment to pass the time. Here are the results of some shots taken whilst on a long journey home from Edinburgh. I was using at a high ISO setting on my D300 just as it was getting dark (Converted into B&W using Lightroom). The later colour [...]

Charity Work – Dog Portraits

Sample Poster

Just over a week ago Kate Moore asked me to take some pet portraits for a local group of volunteers founded by John Wright who take it upon themselves to save dogs who have been put on Death Row at local pounds. Kate also raises money towards animal causes by drawing pet portraits which can [...]

Imaging Past – Part 3

Chocolate Frog

The images below are a showcase of results through following tutorials that can easily be found online and via ebooks. Following and attempting tutorials is something I still do today, even though today I seem to be more interested in tutorials for advanced skin retouching rather than manipulation techniques. When I first started out I [...]

Imaging Past – Part 2


Sorry for the delay in writing this up as it was quite a challenge finding out old images from my archive to help illustrate my posts. The next steps of my Journey were more influential rather than practical and I met a few faces who were mainly in to Gothic and Alternative Art-Photography. My partner [...]

Imaging Past – Part 1


Carrying on from yesterday and making the leap from Music to Imaging I feel it’s always good to look back at images you made a good while ago. So I will be blogging over the next few days about my imaging past and my journey so far. I started out making imagery from other peoples [...]

Musical Past


I don’t usually write a lot about myself but today I was randomly patrolling the web and was thinking of my past Musical projects. Believe it or not before I met my partner Sam I was into all sorts of Pop and Dance music. When I met Sam she introduced me to Rock/Metal and the [...]

Staying Creative


When I’m not editing my own images or getting the camera out I like to spruce up my retouching skills and learn new techniques to get a desired look for the image. I have been steering away from the blurring techniques I used to use and recently came across a technique called split frequency. In [...]