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Imaging Past – Part 2

Sorry for the delay in writing this up as it was quite a challenge finding out old images from my archive to help illustrate my posts.

The next steps of my Journey were more influential rather than practical and I met a few faces who were mainly in to Gothic and Alternative Art-Photography. My partner Sam who took on the alias of Tragic Wrath was scouted by a Birmingham based artist called Dave Charsley who works under the branding of Decline Gothica. Sam attended a range of photo shoots often with a group of other models in order to capture stock type imagery for Dave to digitally manipulate. Dave has a certain style and approach to his work which has gained him a close following of fans over the years and he has worked with a wide range of models whilst doing so. Having chaperoned Sam on her shoots I also met some other great photographers like Matt Miller, Elizabeth Stanton, Photos With Attitude and Draken. Each and every shoot I closely monitored the way the photographers worked, including lighting, direction and communication.

With the inspirations I had picked up I started working with stock imagery available from sites such as Deviant Art and stock.xchng to create some digital manipulated work myself. Sometimes Photographers who had worked with Sam allowed me to use some of the images they had taken to play about with also.

Here are some examples of images made entirely of stock imagery.

My next post will showcase images I created via tutorials that enabled me to get to grips with even more powerful tools within Photoshop.

Final Editorial fashion work

Many Thanks to everyone who worked with me and Sammy Karpf on these concepts. It’s been awesome and managed me to produce some of my best work yet I believe.

With Uni now over the real world and my future lies ahead.

Big thanks to everybody who has supported me, especially my Fiancée Sam who has had to put up with my endless ramblings etc.. throughout the course. Love you babe :) and Sammy who was a fabulous person to collaborate with, I’m sure you will all being seeing more from her soon.

So below is an example of my own choices put together in a final mock layout.

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What Will We Become

Another recent completed project.

Plastic pollution is littering our shore lines and making its way into the evolutionary cycle of life.
In a post apocalyptic world what is it that will evolve as the next intelligent species.
Fish nets and scaley textures help to create an extraordinary style of our evolving sea creature of beauty.

Photography by David James Coxsell, Styling by Sammy Karpf, Make Up by Hannah Ford, Model Siobhan Perry.

Shoot – Claudia Jade (Soft Structure)

Today I did yet another shoot in collaboration with a BCU Fashion Design student.

Her designs are inspired by soft architecture and my brief was to shoot these against the edgy surroundings of a derelict building. There were three designs in all and three models were used to showcase them on. We set about getting some individual shots and some group ones using simplistic lighting techniques to create a soft light against the soft and edgy textures of the building we were vacating .

Below are a couple of examples of the shots I have already edited.

Designer – Claudia Jade | Styling Assistant – Georgina Elsmore | Models – Stacey, Lucy & Bex

I created them in an advertisement style as these will look great complimenting my mock layouts for other editorial based shoots I have been working on when I hand in all my Final Major Projects in June.

Mock Editorial Layout – Education Purposes

As part of the Uni criteria we need to show examples of how our work would be seen including the targeted audience etc.

So here is a mock editorial of one of the shoots I did with stylist Sammy Karpf. Make Up by Hannah Ford. Model Emily Walker @Boss Models.

Click thumbnails to view full.

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New Blog

Hi people

I have decided to start a new blog where I can document and report on my current personal work and all other things I wish to share. Here you will be able to read about the progression of my photographic and other visual projects as well as a look into my inspirations and relevant findings.