Photographer and Visual Artist


Imaging Past – Part 3

The images below are a showcase of results through following tutorials that can easily be found online and via ebooks. Following and attempting tutorials is something I still do today, even though today I seem to be more interested in tutorials for advanced skin retouching rather than manipulation techniques.

When I first started out I would sit down for hours experimenting and creating what I could as I went along. I would follow tutorials and then implement what I had learned into creating my own works of digital art. I would find sources online from stock sites and then I eventually started creating my own source material when I purchased my first DSLR a Nikon D70. When I started capturing my own sources a passion for my camera and photography enlightened me to take Photography further and learn more about the art and process of Photographic techniques.

As you may see from previous posts my personal work was of an alternative nature which was mainly influenced by my own surroundings at that time. This included Music, new found friends, my partner and her alternative modeling, other photographers and especially my weirdest pal Bob. All of this was also combined together through my first online networking membership over at a blogging site known as Live Journal.

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Staying Creative

When I’m not editing my own images or getting the camera out I like to spruce up my retouching skills and learn new techniques to get a desired look for the image. I have been steering away from the blurring techniques I used to use and recently came across a technique called split frequency. In my opinion it’s not really a substitute for techniques such as Dodge & Burn and healing. It does work wonders for tricky hairs however.

The following images were supplied by various people at the Forums over at Model Mayhem. One thing I can truly say is that a nice crisp clean and very well detailed image is really essential for beauty retouching. Keeping texture and detail in images that are slightly noisy, out of focus proves very difficult without looking like a blurring technique has been used.

Image 1 supplied by Photographer Bill Jones

Image 2 supplied by Mae LR

Image 3-4 supplied by Kelly Ealy