Photographer and Visual Artist


Charity Work – Dog Portraits

Just over a week ago Kate Moore asked me to take some pet portraits for a local group of volunteers founded by John Wright who take it upon themselves to save dogs who have been put on Death Row at local pounds. Kate also raises money towards animal causes by drawing pet portraits which can be seen on her website (K8′s Pawtraits).  The images I have taken will be used to create posters and in newspapers in order to find theses dogs a safe new home.

A little research I did which may not be relevant to all dog pounds but was rather disturbing to hear mentioned that some of these dogs may have simply been put on death row because they were picked up as strays and no one has come forward to claim them. Often it may be a case where if a dog hasn’t been claimed within seven days then they are put to sleep to make way for the countless numbers of other dogs being taken in. In other cases some may have been deemed unsuitable for re-homing but with a bit patience and the right amount of training these dogs can make wonderful pets and become a welcome addition to any family. It was with great pleasure that I was able to help out by producing some images to help find theses dogs a safe new home.

It is my belief and I would like to believe that others view this situation the same way as me that it is the owners of these dogs who are to blame in a majority of cases. Pets all over the world are being put to sleep everyday because owners abandon, no longer want or don’t care for their pets correctly. Why should these animals suffer when they have not done anything wrong or haven’t been trained appropriately?

John Wright also offers a range of courses to help with your pets behavior to help them become a well mannered part of the family. You can read more about his courses here (The Wright K-9 Academy).

If you would like to help re-home, make a donation and help any of these dogs then please contact John Wright on 07527 652706 all homes will need to be checked.