Photographer and Visual Artist

Imaging Past – Part 1

Carrying on from yesterday and making the leap from Music to Imaging I feel it’s always good to look back at images you made a good while ago. So I will be blogging over the next few days about my imaging past and my journey so far.

I started out making imagery from other peoples photos and before you ask YES I did use other peoples images at first. Little did I know back then about image copyright and the type of infringements I was committing, but I have to admit it was the first steps that got me to where I am today and one of the processes where I taught myself a lot about layouts and photoshop manipulation.

What started as a project to replace a crappy old cardboard DVD case (the ones with horrid plastic clips on the sides) turned in to a hobby where a community of online people took it upon themselves to create alternative cover designs for DVD packaging. I believe this still goes on today and if you search for Covers made by someone with the alias of spida-x, you may just find some other designs I created.

Here are a few below.

The skills I obtained from this were far and beyond what I thought I could ever achieve. I learned how to recreate logos and layouts by using tools such as paths and the pen tool. How to manipulate fonts, blend and extend images using cloning and healing methods. High resolution scanning of images to use as source material as well as basic dust clean ups etc… and most importantly how artistic I was and could be.

Although I now know what I was doing was highly wrong, in some strange way I owe a gratitude of thanks to the skills I achieved. The fact that this was the starting point to the journey of which I am still focused upon now is to me invaluable. I guess I could have gone a different way around it, but I grabbed this opportunity of having something to focus on and kept at it as a hobby.

Tomorrow I will write about the next steps of my journey including influences from new found friends, use of stock imagery and my first steps into photography.